School Board

The Broome Primary School Board meets regularly throughout the year to oversee the governance of the school and to review policies, finances and school procedures. The current Terms of Reference of the BPS is as follows:

  • Nine members consisting of three staff, four parents/carers and two community members;
  • Members have a two-year term, however, they may apply to be re-elected at the conclusion of their tenure;
  • Sixty percent of the School Board members need to be in attendance to form a quorum.

Please note the current members of the School Board include:

  • Ms Gillian Kennedy (Chairperson/Parent)
  • Ms Zaripha Barnes (Parent)
  • Mrs Gemma Starcevich (Parent)
  • Mr Dean Bailey (Community Member)
  • Ms Gwen Knox (Community Member)
  • Mrs Erica Rowley (Deputy Principal)
  • Mr Bart Wilson (Teacher)
  • Mr Daryl Mansfield (Principal)

Please note the links below for further information about Unincorporated School Boards.