About our School

Broome Primary School currently has just over 400 students ranging from Kindergarten to Year 6. There are over 60 staff members who work in the school. The school operates with 20 classrooms and has additional staff, administrative and playground facilities. 

Unfortunately, the school was devastated by a fire in January 2020, which destroyed a significant portion of the school. Building has now been completed a new administration building and a new classroom block, with state of the art facilities. After the fire, the school was blessed by the Yawuru People, who during a special ceremony used the phrase “Jirrilngany ngarrungunil, yagarrmijala”, meaning “Strong People, we will rise up”. This expression has been adopted by the school community and has inspired students, staff and parents to ensure the school continues to thrive into the future. 

The school’s learning programs are based upon the Western Australian Curriculum and the students’ performances are measured against the “Achievement Standards.” This information is used to plan, assess and report student progress to parents. Specialist programs are provided in the learning areas of The Arts (Music), Physical Education, Science (STEM) and Languages (Yawuru).

Our school is closely aligned to the Kimberley Schools Project which has a strong emphasis upon targeted teaching, early years learning and care, attendance and increased community engagement. The school actively promotes the “Be You” program which is aimed at enhancing mental health and promoting self-esteem. The PBS (Positive Behaviour Support) program is also incorporated throughout the school in order to promote polite, positive and respectful behaviours. 

The school is fortunate to have a KindiLink program on site which is a play and learn initiative for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children who are not old enough to attend school. A Chaplain is also employed two days a week to support our school community and assist individuals who need a helping hand or in times of need. Broome Primary School is renowned for its warm and friendly atmosphere and sense of community spirit. The staff take great pride in providing a safe, caring and nurturing environment and students know they are valued, appreciated and in the very best of care.