Parliament Education Office visit

Our Year 6 students were lucky to have a visit from the Parliament Education Office yesterday. Students participated in a fun and engaging session to learn more about State Parliament and how a Law is passed. A huge thank you to Michael and Peter from the Parliament Education Office!!

Biology and animals

This term in science we have been learning all about biology and animals. Last week we were lucky enough for Crocwise to come in and pay a visit to the Year One and Five classes.

Students have been learning about animal features and Crocwise taught them all about the different body parts of a crocodile and how these animals adapt to their environment. As crocodiles have been around millions of years, Crocwise also reminded us of how important it is to be safe and careful around water. We even got to play a few games and win a few prizes.

Thank you Crocwise for your visit and helping the students learn all about these amazing creatures!

Principal Update – Term 2 – Week 9, 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

Birlirri 3 Assembly

Our year 4 students in Birlirri 3 presented an outstanding assembly last Friday. They basedtheir theme around resilience and working harmoniously as a team. They dressed in amazingoutfits to represent garden insects and animals including bees, snails, ants, grasshoppers andbutterflies. These creative students performed in front of the assembly to demonstrate howgarden insects and animals work together to form an effective team. Their finale wasperforming the song “Reach for the Stars”. This assembly was a very special production thateveryone in B3 should be so proud of. Special thanks to the choreographing genius of Miss Ciliaand Ms Snook for this fabulous item.


PBS Reward Day

Today was our whole school reward day to acknowledge outstanding student behaviour. OurPBS rewards program promotes the use of blue tickets to acknowledge students who havedemonstrated our school values of Care, Respect, Pride and Success. Our school reached thetarget of 30 000 tickets and our Student Councillors announced the whole school reward atlast week’s assembly. This is a fantastic credit to our students and due recognition of theirpositive attitude and behaviour. Consequently, our reward today was a theme of “MovieMadness Afternoon” where students were treated to a movie and popcorn with theirclassmates this afternoon. Students and staff were also encouraged to dress up for our specialday.

Ms Esse Deves

Our sensational Year 3 teacher, Ms Esse Deves, will be going on maternity leave, which willcommence on Monday 28 June. Ms Vivien O’Shea will be teaching this class for the final week ofterm, however, our new teacher for semester two has not yet been confirmed. On behalf of theschool community, may I thank Esse for her outstanding contribution to our school. She is anamazing teacher and a highly valued colleague who is respected by everyone. We wish Esse andher family all the very best and we look forward to her return, whenever that may be. Pleasenote some pictures below of some of the fine sculptures recently produced by students in herclass.


The new buildings are progressing along nicely and this week the concrete was beginning topour to form the foundations of our classroom block. Concrete will continue to pour next weekand may I suggest that it would be appreciated if parents avoid Weld Street in the mornings asthis is where trucks will be entering our worksite to assist with this process.

Parking around the school

Parking is always an issue around schools, particularly at drop off and pick up times. At BPS wecurrently have the additional challenge created by the rebuild with limited access to WeldStreet. May I please request that parents do not park in the Broome Hospital car park. Thesebays are for hospital staff and patients. I have received feedback recently to say that some of ourparents/carers parking in the hospital carpark have caused issues. May I encourage parents topark a little further away from the school and enjoy a short walk. Alternatively, walking orcycling safely to school is a healthy alternative which eases congestion around our schoolcommunity and is good for the environment.


Our school will be celebrating National Aboriginal Islander Day of Celebration (NAIDOC) week onFriday 25 June and throughout the last week of term. On Friday 25 June, our year 3-6 studentswill be invited to participate in the NAIDOC Reconciliation Walk through the streets of ChinaTown and old Broome. This will be followed by a morning tea before our students and staff returnto school. More details will be forwarded home with students in years 3-6. We also have anumber of exciting activities planned to celebrate NAIDOC week from Monday 28 June to Friday 2July. More details to follow!

Olympics Unleashed Program

Broome Primary School is one of the few schools throughout the state to be receiving a visit froman Olympic athlete prior to the Tokyo Olympic Games. Natalie Burton, one of our AustralianBasketball players, will be visiting our school next Monday afternoon. She will be talking to ourYear 5 & 6 students and answering questions from our keen and inquisitive students. Natalie willfollow this session up with a video conference later in the year, after she has participated in theOlympic Games. 


Thank you to those members of the school community who continue to support our schoolcanteen. The feedback about our yummy recess food and lunches is overwhelming and I cannotthank Max and her team enough. May I encourage everyone to ensure they order through theflexischool app and please also show courtesy and good manners when liaising with our awesomecanteen staff.


Our formal reports for students are being finalised. They will be forwarded home with studentson Wednesday 30 June. Parents and carers are strongly encouraged to discuss these reports withtheir children so that we can work side by side in developing the social, emotional and academicneeds of your children. Should you wish to receive further feedback or clarify comments in thereport, please liaise with your child’s classroom teacher.

End of Term 2

Please note that Friday 2 July is the last day of term, before the students break for two weeksholiday. Please also note that Monday 19 July is a student free day as staff will be involved in aSchool Development Day. Students will return to school to commence Term 3 on Tuesday 20July.

Thank you for your support of our very special school and enjoy your weekend ahead.

Warm regard

Daryl Mansfield – Principal